This week, Under the Radar with Callie Crossley came in three acts:

I. New Hampshire radio host Arnie Arnesen and Ted Nesi of WPRI in Rhode Island stopped by to talk about some "under the radar" stories this week: New Hampshire lawmakers may be the first in the nation to freeze in-state tuition, why are Democratic Rhode Island legislators acting like Republicans?, the Unlocking Potential Project targets conservative women.

II. Fourth of July weekend reading with a twist. Those gigantic American history text books don’t include some significant events, and people of some note.  In his new graphic novel, A Most Imperfect Union, A Contrarian History of the United States, Mexican-American author and Amherst College professor Ilan Stavans has filled in the gaps with his sharp and humorous take on our nation’s history.

III. On a store shelf near you, a beer made with a heavenly touch. The Monks of St Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer Massachusetts now run the largest Trappist Brewery in the nation. Callie spoke with Brother Isaac Keeley about how the project came about.