The Massachusetts House of Representatives has passed a bill that would allow deer hunting with bow and arrows on Sundays during deer hunting season. 

Eleven states don’t allow hunting on Sundays- all original members of the 13 colonies.

In Virginia, there’s no hunting on Sunday, except for raccoons until 2am. In Maryland, no hunting on Sunday, except among other things, for using raptors to hunt game birds.

And Massachusetts? No hunting at all. 

State Representative Paul Frost, a Republican from Auburn, is a sponsor of the bill:

“We really don’t have natural predators for the deer.  You don’t have mountain lions or other things that would hunt down the deer and create a natural balance.  It's up to men and women, sportsmen, sportswomen, to keep that balance.”

The MSPCA opposes the bill, saying that people should be able to enjoy the outdoors one day a week without worrying about getting shot with a bow and arrow.  

On the plus side, according to state officials, death by bow and arrow for humans is extremely uncommon.

The bill now heads to the Senate.