The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency announced its public safety plans for the 2014 Boston Marathon Monday, in response to last year’s bombings.

MEMA says this year’s Boston Marathon will have significantly more security, barriers and checkpoints, and it’s drawing help from state police, the FBI and even the Secret Service.

"I can estimate that the number of police officers across eight cities and towns — 26.2 miles — will exceed 3,500," said MEMA Director Kurt Schwartz at a press conference in Framingham. Schwartz says police will be in uniform and undercover. They’ll also set up checkpoints at popular viewing areas, where officers will search bags.

"If you are coming to watch the marathon, please do not carry backpacks or over-the-shoulder bags," he said. "Do not carry large coolers or large, bulky items. And please do not wear costumes or masks.”

The 36,000 runners will not be able to carry backpacks, but they can wear belts to hold water and small personal items. They will not be able to bring belongings from the finish line back to Hopkinton. And unregistered or unofficial runners are prohibited from the course. FBI Special Agent In Charge Kiernan Ramsey says there’s no reason to expect a terrorist threat.

"At this time we have no specific intelligence indicating there is a threat to this year’s marathon," Ramsey said. "But again, we have to also look at the nature of that threat around the world. And while we have no specific intelligence to indicate that threat here, obviously all of these public safety agencies are taking every precaution necessary."

All the officials urged the public to consider the marathon a fun, safe, family-friendly event. And while there isn’t yet a price tag on the additional security, MEMA says it’ll be split between state and federal agencies and the eight cities and towns along the marathon route.