Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley kicked off her campaign for Governor of Massachusetts on Monday. 

“Look, we’ve acknowledged, I’ve acknowledged that we made mistakes on that campaign trail and I’ve learned from that," she said during her announcement Monday. "I got right back to work in the AG’s office; I got right back out shaking hands and meeting people in order to run for Attorney General.”

In that race Coakley earned a reputation for being aloof.She famously scoffed at standing outside in the cold to shake hands with voters. Now she’s trying to shed that reputation.

In a campaign video she posted online, she shakes hands with voters on street corners, cafes and farmers markets. And at a campaign kickoff event at a Medford diner, she smiled and chatted with customers.

One of them, Francine Solas said Coakley got a bad rap in 2010 because of sexism.

“I think when you’re just trying to get ahead, sometimes, women do lose.”

Since 1958, five former Massachusetts Attorneys General have run for the Governor's office. Four of the five lost and the fifth died of a heart attack before election day. 

But Coakley said she thinks she can be the one to break the curse. During her campaign announcement, she touted her credentials as a prosecutor.

“I’ve brought to the Attorney General’s race a set of skills in terms of the mortgage issues, economic issues, working with the business community, working on educational issues, on fairness for people, on bullying.”

In the past two years, Coakley has also become more aggressive on public corruption cases. When asked whether that upset some segments in her party, Coakley said she did what she had to do.

“I have done the job as attorney general that I think I should have in terms of where the facts and laws have led.I’ve tried to be fair about that.”

Coakley joins a crowded Democratic primary field. On the Republican side, Charlie Barker is the only candidate to declare so far.

Coakley is now on a three day, 18 city tour- which also seems designed to put the image of the uninterested campaigner- to rest.