The Bureau of Labor Statistics today released the state employment and unemployment figures for the month of July.

The bureau's regional economist, Timothy Consedine, says there was no significant change compared to June, but Massachusetts has seen significant growth compared to a year ago, particularly in the Greater Boston area, which encompasses over two-thirds of Massachusetts employment.

"We see growth in the Boston/Cambridge/Quincy metropolitan statistical area - 59,000 jobs, and it’s widely spread across the 11 subsectors of industries that we track,” Consedine said.

Professional and business services saw the most growth, which includes jobs in high-tech, science research and engineering. Education and heath services also saw growth, while jobs in manufacturing continued to decline.

Last week the state reported an uptick in the unemployment rate, to 7.2 percent. The unemployment rate is based on a monthly sample of households while job estimates are based on a monthly sample survey of employers. That means the two statistics can sometimes show different trends.