James "Whitey" Bulger has been found guilty on 31 of the 32 counts filed against him. Here is some local reaction to the verdict.

Steven Davis, brother of Debra Davis, on whose murder the jury had no finding:

"I don't think that he, hands-on, killed my sister, but I do know he was in evolved in the whole thing."

"I said to my wife, they're looking at me like something's … I have to control my anger."

Davis said the "no finding" Doesn't diminish guilty verdict. 

"It's not over till I'm in the ground."

He said he "definitely" thinks Stephen Flemmi killed his sister, and broke up while talking to reporters outside the courthouse.

"Why? Just the why -- he had everything everyone in this audience would want. He could have lived on an island by himself. It was greed ... It was greed."

Pat Donohue, wife of murder victim Michael Donohue:

"By the time they got to my husband and said he was guilty, I couldn't hold my emotions any more. I cried for myself, and I cried for them, because we're all in the same situation here."

"I am happy. I think there was justice here for me, maybe not for some other victims."

"For me, I still have my civil case against the government. One down, one to go."

"[Pat Nee] is a whole other issue."

Tommy Donohue, Michael's son:

"After a lot of FBI coverup deceits lies we finally have a verdict in the murder of my family and it's a good feeling, but my heart goes out to the other families."

"He should have been guilty of everything, ever tying, especially the murders. Yeah, he's going to jail for a couple hundred years but he should have been found guilty of those murders."

"We are here because of the United States Government The deceit of the FBI is the reason we're here right now."

"How lousy is that I'm cool with, I have a good relationship with the guys who are defending my father? Does that tell you something is going on in this courtroom? Carney and Brennan were nothing but gentlemen to my family."

"I do hate the federal government, no doubt about that, but Wyshak & Kelly did a great job hammering Whitey. I'm not throwing Wyshak & Kelly under the bus."

"Pat Nee is a very dangerous and sick individual and he needs to be tried for my dad's murder."

Bulger attorney Hank Brennan: 

"We thought we were going to expose a little but of gov corruption. Little did we know the gov would expose more corruption than we ever could."

Bulger attorney J.W. Carney: 

"Jim Bulger was very pleased with how the trial went, and even with the verdict."

"James Bulger intends to take an appeal."

U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz:

Statement of State Police Col. Timothy P. Alben:

"Across several decades, through multiple generations of investigators, the Massachusetts State Police have been determined to help bring about this day. Today after dozens of years of work by many dedicated state troopers and our partners, after their unyielding efforts to shine a light on one man’s heinous crimes and then to track him down – justice has been served upon James Bulger."

"I commend the men and women who worked this case for years. There are so many troopers deserving of recognition. Detective Lieutenant Steve Johnson, who played a leading role in building the case against James Bulger, has been part of the prosecution team in this trial. My predecessor as Colonel-Superintendent of the State Police, Thomas Foley, was the architect of the investigation that led to the Bulger indictments in the mid-1990s. They, along with such troopers as Bob Long and John Tutunjian and Rick Fraelick and many others, foresaw this day many years ago, and never lost faith in their mission, despite all the challenges they faced. Today is a victory for them."

"Finally, let us remember that this day is about more than any law enforcement agency. This day, most of all, is about people like Debra Davis and Deborah Hussey, about Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue, about Richard Castucci and Michael Milano, and about every other person whose life was cut short by the murderous acts of this brutal defendant and his cohorts. As much as this day, so long in coming, brings satisfaction to the Massachusetts State Police, my hope most of all is that today brings some sense of justice to the families of these victims. To those families of victims for whom the verdict was no finding, please know you are in our thoughts, and our sympathies are with you. We hope there is still some solace in knowing that this violent man’s murderous enterprise has been brought down."