Seven people injured during Monday’s twin explosions are still at Tufts Medical Center, including a 15-year-old boy. None are in critical condition, though five of the patients will need repeat surgery and skin grafts. Christopher Geary, an orthopedic surgeon at Tufts, says it will take time for these patients to fully heal.

"A big part of it becomes the rehabilitation afterwards, which doesn't take place on an inpatient basis, but those patients may go to outpatient rehabs, or certainly physical therapy in the future for them for a long period of time," Geary said.

Geary says some of the patients with soft tissue injuries could be discharged as early as this week.

Along with leg injuries, many people hurt in Monday’s blasts suffered from the rupturing of their eardrums. Horacio Hojman, a trauma surgeon at Tufts Medical Center, says these patients must be monitored carefully.

"The problem with the ruptured eardrums is it might be an indication of more severe injuries," Hojman said. "The increased atmospheric pressure that happens near an explosion can cause injury not only to the eardrum but to the lungs and intestines."

Hojman says that in many cases, ruptured eardrums can heal.