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On Monday, a small park near the corner of Main and Ash streets in Hopkinton was the site where tens of thousands of runners and their families gathered to begin a 26.2 mile journey that was - for some - a shot at sports supremecy. For others, the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

Tuesday, it was the site of a prayer service.

"From my standpoint, we need prayer" said Pastor Rob Davis. "I mean, the people that are battling for their lives in hospital, they need prayer. But there is also plenty of emotional trauma and then of course we want to pray for wisdom for all the officials involved."

Pastor Davis is the head of the Vineyard Church in Hopkinton, and also a runner. Yesterday, he ran – and finished – the Boston Marathon.

"It was just a terrific Boston Marathon experience," he said. "Just what you imagine or dream it would be like."

After changing into dry clothes, he returned to the finish line with his wife to watch friends cross. And then, two explosions.

"The second bomb goes off, which is right in front of us and now see you see total carnage cause the guys legs are blown off, and then you start worrying about where are the loved ones and how do you help them?" he said. "And how do you help the people out that are right in front of you?"

A day later, it’s a scene that Davis is still struggling to comprehend.

"I’m a pastor and a runner," he said. "I’m shaking at the moment and trying to process this bizarre mixture of being a part of a sporting event, and then it ends up in who cares, we’ve got a crisis on our hands. I mean it was hard to sleep last night, honestly."

Pastor Davis is seeking solace in his faith. He hopes that the prayer service Tuesday - and another one Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. – might help others begin their healing process as well.

"The natural human response is you want justice, as in revenge," he said. "But really what we all want is peace and joy and security. How we get it, yeah we all got a role to play. My role is to ask for God’s protection and God’s peace."

And the strength to run again.

"What terrorists would like us to do is fall back and have a different way of life, so yeah, I wanna run next year," he said. "And overcome any fears of bombs and that sort of thing, yeah."

So expect to see Pastor Davis back at the starting line.