Segment 1: It's our Monday politics roundup, with Michael Goldman, President of Goldman and Associates, and former Massachusetts Republican Party Chair, Jennifer Nassour.


Segment 2: Talking about the imminent big-gulp ban in New York City. 

Segment 3: A new lead may have opened in the Isabella Stewart Gardener art heist. Boston Globe reporter Steve Kurkjian joined Jim and Margery to talk about the development.

Segment 4: Open Mic with the Rev. Eugene F. Rivers III.

Segment 5: Reporter Chris Livesay joined Jim and Margery from Rome to talk about the upcoming papal conclave.

Segment 6: The Globe's Robin Abrahams — a.k.a. Miss Conduct — talked to Jim and Margery about how to navigate office politics, ask a raise, dress better for interviews, and manage work relationships.