Segment 1: Should US politicians reach out to voters by speaking to them in languages other than English? Jim and Margery reviewed some of the famous of bilingual moments from well-known politicians.

Segment 2: Brigham and Women's Hospital recently completed another facial transplant. The patient was a Vermont woman who suffered severe facial burns at the hands of her estranged husband. Today we talked with the surgeon behind the transplant, Dr. Bohdan Pomahac.

Segment 3: Boston Globe Editor Brian McGrory joins Jim and Margery to talk about the latest headlines from his newspaper.

Segment 4: Dr. Nick Trout is a veterinary surgeon at the Angell Medical Center in Jamaica Plain. He talked to Jim and Margery about the increasing sophistication and cost of medical procedures for pets.

Segment 5: Suzanne Gänsicke is a member of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston team conducting the Juno Conservation Project. She and her team oversaw the restoration of a well known statue at the museum.