Segment 1: Former Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation James Aloisi stopped by to talk about the new "open toll" system on Bay State roads.

Segment 2: Former Olympic biker Nicole Freedman stopped by for an "Ask the Bike Czar" segment.


Segment 3: Yahoo! CEO Marisa Mayer made waves when she ended the company tradition of working from home. Many businesses allow employees to work remotely. Is this the beginning of the end of working from home? Harvard Business School historian Nancy Koehn joined the show to talk about it.

Segment 4: Today's "Open Mic" guest was WGBH alumnus Christopher Lydon. Lydon is the host of Radio Open Source. He joined Jim Braude and Margery Eagan to talk about Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams and both writers' versions of masculinity.

Segment 5: Boston Globe music and TV critic Sarah Rodman and WGBH's Edgar B. Herwick III stopped by the studio to get Jim and Margery up to speed on new music releases.