It's been a wild week for news. We started with the expected: snowstorm cleanup and Pres. Obama's State of the Union Address. Then came the historic: the resignation of a living Pope for the first time in six decades. Mix in a manhunt for an ex-LAPD officer, a Whitey Bulger court date, a waylaid Carnival cruise ship, and a Russian meteor strike and it's enough to keep the media hive buzzing.

Don't forget the US Senate race that's begun in earnest. Congressmen Edward Markey and Stephen Lynch took a "People's Pledge 2.0," their version of the Warren-Brown pact for no outside ads. Rep. Dan Winslow and ex-Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez both committed in the GOP column. Meanwhile, Sean Bielat and ex-US Attorney Michael Sullivan are flirting with a run. Primaries get underway April 30, and the general election will be held June 25.

Peter Gelzinis, Jack Sullivan and Joan Vennochi joined Emily Rooney to talk through every last headline.