Local transportation officials are asking commuters to be patient during this evening’s commute – and to leave the car home tomorrow.

“We’re taking our precautions as we do with cold weather and ice that we always do and to make sure that switches aren’t freezing and keeping the tracks clear for work,” said MBTA spokeswoman Kelly Smith. “But again, it’s an unusual situation and we want people to understand that they might need a little extra time than they normally do to get home.”

Boston transportation commissioner Tom Tinlin asked commuters to leave their cars at home and take the T for the next few days.

“Today’s effort is to widen these streets on our major thoroughfares, try to improve that commute, but again, the best way to improve the commute is to limit the amount of vehicles, and by doing that, that’s how people can continue to help us,” Tinlin said. “If folks took their car in to work this morning and found their commute to be a struggle, our hope would be that they would choose to leave their car at home and give us the time and frankly the space that we need to continue in this mammoth effort.”

Tinlin says things are improving by the minute.

“This isn’t the first major snowstorm to hit our city but this isn’t a 6-inch storm, a 12-inch storm, that we are so good at,” he said. “I think when you look at the magnitude of the storm, I think the response across the board from state and city agencies has been remarkable.”