The MBTA is weathering a post-storm storm of its own today, though with three subway lines out of four running on time, it could be worse. 

On the Green Line, some delays on B and C line have been reported, but the MBTA said service is running normally.

Ed Koenig took the bus from Arlington to the Red Line, then switched at Park Street to take the Green Line to Kenmore Square.

"A little slow,” he said. “There was a medical emergency at Kendall so we waited just 10 minutes. Bus was fine, Red Line a little crowded, a little tight."

Matt, from Boston, said travel to Harvard Square from Allston on the Red and Green Lines was painful this morning.

"It's just running really late, it's terrible, it's overpacked," he said.

Chris, from Brookline, rode the C Line.

"Slow,” he said. “From Summit Ave above Coolidge Corner, C Line. Was it crowded? No, not especially but it just seems to stop constantly and go really slowly."

After rush hour, Alison Mathis rode in from Brookline.

"It's actually not too bad,” Mathis said. “The Green Line, the C Line was running pretty smoothly. I started in Brookline over at Tappen Street on the C Line. Wasn’t too crowded. I got a seat pretty smoothly I’m surprised. I'm waiting for the BU bus now to take me over to BUMC."

E Line service is ending at Brigham Circle. Customers can take the Route 39 bus for service between Brigham Circle and Heath Street.

Buses are still running at 10 to 20 minute delays, due to continued traffic in and around the city.

The Red, Orange, Silver and Blue Lines are running normally.

The Mattapan trolley lines are being serviced by buses for now.

On the Commuter Rail, there are still some delays, especially along the Greenbush line. The T is calling them weather-related.