Snow is falling lightly in Framingham and the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency bunker, which is about 35 feet underground, has filled up quickly with representatives from utility companies, the state Department of Transporation, the National Guard and the Red Cross.

There are several office rooms and one command central room full of monitoring screens. Peter Judge is the spokesman for Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, or MEMA:

“Power outages are probably No. 1 on our list,” he said. “That’s something that can occur, literally, in all 351 towns. It’s a statewide event, so everyone is under that gun. People from the Red Cross are here, who have helped coordinate shelters – whether it’s local shelters or we’ve developed regional shelters – as this event unfolds.”

Judge said the biggest concern from utility companies is the possibility of wet, heavy snow and high winds. That can make for outage disasters.

The governor has recommended all schools and businesses keep students and employees home today. He's expected to declare a state of emergency just after noon.