Former Red Sox Manager Terry Francona sat down with Emily Rooney to talk about his time with the Red Sox, relationship with the media and more.

On ownership's response to media leaks about his private life: "I wanted owners to feel same about me as they did about how they were perceived ... It was meant to hurt me."

On his eight years as Sox manager:  "That's like dog years."

On whether or not he was fired: "It felt that way."

On drinking in the clubhouse: "That 2011 team was tamest I ever had. Drinking was not a problem."  

On Manny Ramirez: "Best right-handed hitter I've ever seen. Once he left the batter's box, all bets are off."

On his playing career: "I was a journeyman, another way of saying I wasn't very good, but I learned a ton."