So much news happens each year, that by December, we sometimes forget about the stories that rocked our city and kept us captivated for days.

5. Mayor Menino

As he finishes up his 19th year in office, Mayor Tom Menino has faced a series of political triumphs and health issues, including an extended hospital stay. Lately, his health has caused some concern.

4. Department of Public Health

Tainted medicine and contaminated evidence put thousands of people at risk this past year. Massachusetts' Department of Public Health came under fire this year after scandals related to the New England Compounding Center and a drug testing labbroke.

3. Weathering the Storm

It was lights-out this summer in Back Bay, when a transformer caught fire and plunged much of the city into darkness. Fall-out from last year's tornadoes continued throughout the seasons, and much of the East Coast reeled from Hurricane Sandy.

2. Brown vs. Warren

The biggest local politics story this year — aside from Mitt Romney's White House run — was Elizabeth Warren and Senator Scott Brown's race for the senate seat.

1. Mass Shootings

Almost every region in the country suffered a mass shooting this year, with 151 victims killed

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