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FULL SHOW: National Grid Lockout; Bikers & Breast Milk; Livingston Taylor; Bad Food Science

Latest On The Long-Running Labor Lockout At National Grid
Local unions have been battling with National Grid for months, claiming public safety may be at risk — and Wednesday, locked-out gas workers rallied in Boston to bring attention to their cause. Union members say they've been left without benefits like health insurance, and untrained personnel are doing the potentially dangerous work that they used to do. Meanwhile, National Grid has said that safety is under control and that the lock-out was a difficult decision they made with the company’s budget — and the customers — in mind. Jim Braude was joined by John Buonopane, president of United Steel Workers Local 12012, and David Monahan, a union service tech out of Lowell.

Biker Group Delivers Breast Milk
As any parent knows, caring for a newborn comes with all kinds of challenges and conflicting information. But increasingly, one piece of advice remains consistent: breastfeed your baby. But what if that’s not possible? Stephanie Leydon reports on a new form of help that may arrive on two wheels.

Local Music Legend Livingston Taylor On The Audience Factor
He’s been making music since age 13, and more than 50 years later, there's no let-up in sight. Livingston Taylor may have been raised in North Carolina, but he was born in Boston and has been teaching at Berklee College for years — so we're pretty proud to claim him as our own. Taylor joined Jim Braude to discuss his most recent album, "Safe Home."

IMHO: Food Health Claims Are Full Of It
Jim Braude gives his thoughts on over-hyped headlines about which foods will make you live longer or die sooner.

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