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FULL SHOW: Forcing The Issue; Falling For It; Testimony Trouble; Rants & Raves

Boston Globe, Former Employee Go To Court Over Harassment Allegations
A judge heard arguments from The Boston Globe this week, as the paper seeks to force former editor Hilary Sargent to produce evidence of her claims that she was sexually harassed by Globe editor Brian McGrory. Sargent’s attorney is arguing she has already cooperated enough and that the Globe’s handling of the case has been an act of intimidation.

Arizona TV Stations Push Bogus Child Trafficking Story
We learned from “Pizzagate” how dangerous fake new can be, when a man who believed the conspiracy theory brought a gun into a Washington pizza parlor and started shooting. But in Arizona, some TV stations seem to not have noticed, because they’re peddling a similar theory with dangerous credulity.

In Decades Old Murder, Reporter Challenges Pressure To Testify
It has been described as one of New York City’s most notorious killings — that of a young girl found stuffed in a picnic cooler along the Henry Hudson Parkway in Manhattan. For 22 years, the case went unsolved until a tip led to a suspect, which led to a confession. But to get a conviction, the district attorney’s office says they need the testimony of a New York Times reporter.

Rants & Raves
A review of the week in media.

Emily Rooney was joined by Dan Kennedy of Northeastern University, Callie Crossley and Adam Reilly of WGBH News, and former CNN White House Correspondent Dan Lothian to review the week in media.

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