The Boston Globe’s travel writer isn’t saying that you should go against the advice of Icelandic meteorologists, but even though he and his husband were told not to climb a regularly erupting volcano at 2 in the morning, a piece on the very experience was published in the Globe.

Since COVID-19 restrictions have loosened, Christopher Muther has been traveling again. He joined Jim Braude on Greater Boston Wednesday from a cruise ship off the coast of Greece with some travel tips for Iceland, Vermont and right in your Boston backyard.

Muther, in Vermont, recently dined at — or rather, experienced — owners JuanMa Caldéron and Maria Rondeau’s new restaurant Esmeralda, an experimental location that functions more as a dinner party for 24 strangers sitting around one big table.

“What they’ve done is they bought a house in Vermont. This house, that they’ve renovated from nothing, they’ve turned into this restaurant. And the food is amazing,” Muther said. “JuanMa and Maria, as you know, fantastic and loving people, and they really do make you feel like you’re in their home.”

WATCH: Boston Globe travel writer Christopher Muther on returning to travel