WGBH News Analyst Charlie Sennott spoke with Boston Public Radio on Monday about President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Boris Johnson's similarities in handling the coronavirus crisis.

"What's similar is how cavalier both Trump and Boris Johnson were in the very early phase of this, sort of dismissing it as media hype," he said. "They were dismissing the whole WHO and the EU's warnings, and putting the coronavirus in this framework, which they share, which is a nativist, anti-globalization approach."

Trump and Johnson's anti-globalist instinct is dangerous, Sennott noted.

"The anti-globalist, populist, nativist streak runs counter to the moment we're in, which is that we have to think globally," he said. "We have to think about the role government will play in solving this crisis."

Charlie Sennott is a WGBH News Analyst and executive director ofThe GroundTruth Project.