WGBH's science correspondent Heather Goldstone joined Boston Public Radio on Thursday to talk about criticism that The Ocean Cleanupsystem designed to collect plastic is facing.

"Essentially these big connected buoys are floating out on top of the ocean with a curtain that hangs down from it and a parachute above," Goldstone said. "The idea is that wind and waves will blow floating pieces of plastic into this net."

However, the cleanup system faces criticism by some people in the science community, Goldstone said.

"This purported ability to clean up plastics in the ocean once it's actually in the ocean — there's a lot of skepticism from the science community," she said. "One of the big criticisms of it is that there are also a lot of animals and plankton that float at the surface of the ocean, and that if you're picking up all the plastic, you're also picking up all the sea life."