Humans have put a million species at risk of extinction and nearly half of the natural ecosystems in the world have been lost, according to a new global assessment report by the United Nations.

The catastrophic reduction of ecosystems and biodiversity could soon have grave consequences to humans.

“There are a huge number of ways we depend on nature. The most fundamental perhaps being the oxygen in the atmosphere. Half of it comes from trees and half of it comes from life in the ocean. We can’t really do without nature,” WGBH’s science correspondent and the host of Living Lab RadioHeather Goldstone told Boston Public Radio Thursday

“We tend to think that the things we do to nature are a one-way street and that we’ll just keep on going along happily even if everything around us dies; when in fact as this report points out, and a huge body of science has made clear, we are reliant on nature for a huge array of things,” she continued.

Goldstone joined Boston Public Radio joined to talk about this UN report and more.