Trump Sided With Putin Over US Intel. Will It Be A Tipping Point For His Supporters?
A day after choosing to side with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the question of Russian interference in American elections, Donald Trump attempted to salvage his relationship with the intelligence community and some within his own party with a press conference. But it’s clear that his initial comments didn't rile his usual supporters. So, have we really reached a tipping point? Jim Braude was joined by former US Attorney Michael Sullivan, who is a partner with the Ashcroft Group and Glenn Carle, a former intelligence officer with the CIA.

Boston Comedian and “Stories from The Stage” Host Wes Hazard On Winning Big On Jeopardy And The Art Of Storytelling
He's a local television host, a stand-up comedian, an author and Emmy-winning documentarian — but Massachusetts native Wes Hazard says the hardest he ever worked was for his recent stint on Jeopardy. He sat down with Jim Braude to talk about how he pulled off his impressive win and how he'll turn the once-in-a-lifetime experience into more fodder for his comedy routine.

Should Boston Push Back At Chain Stores — And If So, How?
For a city that considers itself unique, Boston has a lot of retail establishments that you’d find in any other American city — Whole Foods, Starbucks, and, of course, Dunkin’ Donuts. As far as trends go, the rise of chain stores seems irresistible. But now, some Boston city councilors think they’ve found a way to push back. Adam Reilly reports.

IMHO: We Need A “Smart” Solution To Cop-Killer Cases
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the shooting death of Weymouth police officer Michael Chesna and innocent bystander Vera Adams — and why “smart guns” could prevent such tragedies from happening again.