The royal wedding is nearly upon us and now those obsessed with every detail of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's nuptials can devote their attention to one of the most important items of the day — the cake.

The royal lovebirds have decided on a non-traditional elderflower cake from Claire Ptak and her London-based Violet Bakery.

Corby Kummer, food critic and senior editor at The Atlantic, joined Boston Public Radio last week to discuss the royal cake.

“The traditional British wedding cake is a very heavy dense fruit cake with liquor in it … the fruit cake is generally fresher and lighter than what we have at Christmas, but that's not very fresh or light,” said Kummer.

Elderflower is a weed that Ptak used in her cooking while she was the pastry chef at Alice Waters' famous Chez Panisse.

“They often will pick weeds and put them in foods because as you know that is very fashionable,” said Kummer. “Elderflower is made into tea. It is a long-standing traditional thing. They are pretty, spring-like, and the Brits like sponge cake with lemon curd mixed with whipped cream.”

Corby Kummer is a food writer and senior editor for The Atlantic, To listen to the entire interview, click the audio player above.