The lone elevator in a South End public housing building where elderly and people with disabilities live is back in service 15 days after it broke down, leaving those residents stranded in their apartments.

Resident Lisandra Montes, who uses a wheelchair, and her friend Dawn Oates confirmed to GBH News that they rode in the repaired elevator.

Montes had been confined to her home for more than two weeks, missing key doctors’ appointments and visits to church.

Video taken by Oates late on Thursday showed Montes entering the elevator and exiting on the ground floor and then joyfully greeting two friends who were waiting outside.

“My friends — I get to see my friends! I missed my friends!” Montes said. “I’ve been praying for you, you have no idea. I’m just grateful that I get to see you!”

GBH News did not receive confirmation of the repair from the Boston Housing Authority at the time of publication.