Earlier this month, in a case that drew national attention, a federal judge ruled that Harvard does not discriminate against Asian Americans.

Now, the world of higher education is reacting to the ruling and preparing for the next steps. We'll discuss it all on this month's episode of On Campus Radio.

First, we'll hear from WGBH News' Kirk Carapezza — who reported from the courtroom during the trial — about why Judge Allison Burroughs ruled the way she did and what higher ed leaders thought of the plaintiffs' and defense's performance.

Then, we'll talk to Ted Shaw, a professor of law at the University of North Carolina, and Richard Kahlenberg, a senior fellow at The Century Foundation, about their reactions to the trial and where their opinions differ when it comes to the use of race in admissions.

Then, we'll go back to some of our past reporting on diversity on campus — what it means, why it's important and how schools should achieve it.

Finally, WGBH News' Ken Cooper will bring his perspective about the Harvard case and the history of race on campus in America.