As Hampshire College on Tuesday announced the layoffs of nine people from its admissions and advancement offices, lawmakers who represent the Amherst school said they are looking for ways to support their constituents.

Rep. Mindy Domb of Amherst and Sen. Jo Comerford of Northampton issued a statement Tuesday, detailing their "involvement in this painful and rapidly unfolding situation" and concern "about the well-being of Hampshire College community and the impact of Hampshire's decisions" on faculty, staff, students and the region.

A private liberal arts college with an enrollment of less than 1,200, Hampshire College in January announced it would seek a long-term partner to help the school stay viable, and school leaders are now exploring restructuring options.

"Once we heard that things were happening, both the senator and I have been very active in trying to find the ways in which public officials can sort of interact with a private institution and to support our constituents," Domb told the News Service. "It's not as clear cut as if it were a public institution."

Domb and Comerford said they've spoken with Nelson, faculty, staff, alumni and parents, Higher Education Commissioner Carlos Santiago, staff from Attorney General Maura Healey's office, and non-profit leaders who are part of the Cultural Village on Hampshire's campus.

Higher education is one of the leading employers in the Amherst area, Domb said.

Both in their first term, Domb and Comerford were appointed last week to the Joint Committee on Higher Education. Comerford is the Senate vice chair.

"I think the landscape of higher education is definitely one that I'm hoping we kind of look at and address, whether or not there should be regulations, what those regulations should look like, how it affects and hopefully promotes greater state support, quite frankly, for public institutions, what is our role in supporting the commonwealth's universities, our community colleges in this changing landscape and maybe redoubling that commitment," Domb said.