At a time when many students are not sure college is the best option, trade schools offer an alternative path to top careers. And, in a world where services are increasingly automated and things made disposable, there is a renewed appreciation for artisan and handmade goods. All of this is great news for Boston’s North Bennet Street School, which has been offering crafts and trades training to students for almost 140 years. The school is now entering its latest era under the leadership of a new president.


Miguel Gomez Ibanez - Former architect, furniture maker and outgoing president of the North Bennet Street School. He oversaw the school from 2006 until December of 2018.
Sarah Turner - President of the North Bennet Street School. Her tenure began in December, 2018. Previously Sarah worked with a number of institutions including the Rhode Island School of Design and the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan.

BONUS: Sights from North Bennet Street School

Callie's Cook Books
Callie's cook books being assessed for rebinding at the North Bennet Street School book binding department.
Franziska Monahan, WGBH News
Violin Making
A North Bennet Street student shows off the beginning and end stages of some of the instruments she's making as a part of the North Bennet Street School violin building program.
Franziska Monahan, WGBH
Hear the violin pictured above

North Bennet Street carpentry teachers Brian Vogt and Geoffrey Shaw stand in front of two timber frames constructed by their students. Because many buildings in New England date back to the 1700s and 1800s, when this form of structure was common, it's important for carpentry students to have a basic understanding of the traditional building style.
Franziska Monahan, WGBH News