When most of us were notified a while back that our Boston Globe delivery service was about to change, we didn’t blink. After all, how hard could the transition be? One computerized list of subscribers turned over to the next delivery provider. Needless to say, that’s not how it came down.

More disturbing than the “failure” to deliver, is the gross lack of transparency the Globe has shown in reporting a story about itself. That combined with an arcane system for reporting delivery glitches only exacerbated the problem.

Here’s my take:

No doubt in the coming months, when or if the MBTA gets plowed under by 9 feet of snow, the Globe will take a more sympathetic approach—softening its language by replacing such direct descriptives as “outmoded,” “stranded,” “obsolete,” “50 percent failure” and “plagued by delay” with something we can all handle, a minor “disruption.”