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A Conversation With The Creators of "Left On Pearl"

Left On Pearl: The Hidden History Of Boston's Women Activists in 1971

Left on Pearl title screen.
Photo courtesy of the 888 Women's History Project
A Conversation With The Creators of "Left On Pearl"

On March 6, 1971, a group of women marched from Boston Common through the city and into Cambridge in celebration and demonstration of International Women’s Day. Then they took a detour and filed into 888 Memorial Drive, where they stayed for 10 days. The occupation and the greater context of the takeover are documented in “Left on Pearl,” a short film by the 888 Women’s History Project in Cambridge.


Susie Rivo — director of "Left on Pearl"
Rochelle Ruthchild — Executive Producer of "Left on Pearl" and an original 888 Memorial Drive occupier
Cheryl Stein — executive producer of "Left on Pearl"

Learn more about "Left on Pearl" here, and see where the film is playing next. Follow "Left on Pearl" on Twitter and on Facebook.

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