A coalition of immigrants’ rights groups filed a lawsuit against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his Department of Transportation secretary in response to their sending two planes of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard in September.

Ron Sullivan, a Harvard law professor who is one of the attorneys behind the lawsuit, said on Greater Boston that the briefs could be used as a template for more legal action against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who Sullivan said "absolutely 100%" violated the same laws as DeSantis.

He said he hopes the briefs will be used to take action against Abbott.

Sullivan said of DeSantis' actions, "You don't treat other fellow human beings like this. It's just wrong morally, it's wrong constitutionally and they have to stop it."

The Venezuelan migrants who departed from Texas were originally told they were going to Boston and would be given expedited work visas. It is one of many recent political stunts involving migrants being sent to "sanctuary cities."

Once the migrants arrived unexpectedly to Martha's Vineyard, community members, local officials and organizations jumped into action. Sullivan said he was very proud to see their response.

Watch: ‘You don’t treat other fellow human beings like this’: Attorney on lawsuit against Gov. DeSantis