Elon Musk's recent takeover of Twitter has brought on an increase in hate speech, a verification system gone sideways and a major "Twexit" of both users and advertisers.

What will Twitter look like a year from now? Guests on Greater Boston did their best to make a tough prediction.

Boston Globe columnist Renée Graham said she's nearly ready to leave Twitter. "I can only stand being called the N-word so many times in a day and that has increased since Elon Musk has taken over," she said.

Graham said it's unclear if Twitter will be around a year from now if the current direction of the platform continues.

On the other hand, Tom Nichols, international affairs expert and staff writer at The Atlantic, said he has no plans to leave Twitter. He said Musk is determined to ruin the platform, which will only get worse if level-headed people walk away.

Nichols said Musk will likely get bored with Twitter and turn it over to other professionals who can steady its. Nichols said the chaos at Twitter will be a short term issue until Musk can gain some "adult supervision."

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