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The full episode of Boston Public Radio - April 26, 2018

BPR Full Show: 04/26/18

In this June 22, 2017, file photo, retired Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz is honored with the renaming of a portion of Yawkey Way to David Ortiz Drive outside Fenway Park in Boston.
Charles Krupa/AP
The full episode of Boston Public Radio - April 26, 2018
  • We opened up the lines asking you if French President Emmanuel Macron’s Fluency in English makes us look like fools.  
  • We all know who Yawkey Way was named after, but what about Jersey Street? WGBH’s Edgar B. Herwick III joined us for that.
  • For another edition of Law and Order we were joined by Andrea Cabral, the former Suffolk County Sheriff and Secretary of Public Safety.
  • In his latest book, Robert Kuttner asks if global capitalism — which rules the world — can actually co-exist with nations that are governed by democracies? Or will the tension between the two give rise to a brand of neo-fascist nationalism that we are already see taking root here and in other Western nations? Kuttner joined us to discuss his latest, "Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism."
  • On Tuesday, Scott Pruitt broke with 40 years of EPA practice when he proposed limits on the science used to develop policies that would protect public health and the environment. He made this proposal in the EPA’s Rachel Carson green room. The irony of that may be lost on him, but it’s not lost on Harvard historian Nancy Koehn. She joined us to talk about how the mother of modern environmentalism can lead us through the assault on the environment today. 
  • Then: what do a tartan kilt, a fishing rod and dragon pendant all have in common? Sylvia Plath. Boston Globe columnist and WGBH News contributor Alex Beam joined us for that and more.
  • Finally, we opened up the lines to ask you about rumors of a possible show with Charlie Rose interviewing other men who have been dethroned by the #MeToo movement. Would you watch this show? If this gets picked up, is it a message to victims of sexually assault that they don’t matter? Or could a backlash to this dwarf the original #MeToo movement?

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