As the jury continues to deliberate in the federal trial of former New England Mafia boss Frank Salemme, the family of Stephen DiSarro, the Massachusetts man Salemme and co-defendant Paul Weadick are alleged to have murdered, has released a public statement.

The letter, signed simply "The DiSarro Family," was distributed by the US Attorney's Office a few hours after jurors quit for the day.

DiSarro's wife, Pamela DiSarro, was the first witness to testify and several of DiSarro's now-grown children have attended the trial. On the stand, she described the day, in May of 1993, that she saw her husband leave the house early and get into a strange car. She never saw DiSarro again.

In the letter the family describes the pain of not knowing, for twenty five years, what happened to DiSarro when he suddenly disappeared; they say the trial has brought closure, whatever the verdict.

"While we know nothing will bring him back, we now have the information surrounding the circumstances of what took him from us..." the family states in the letter. "Without the trial process, we would never have had access to these elements. We can now put many of our questions, and the questions of others, to rest and for that we are eternally grateful.

The family also thanks prosecutors; presiding US District Judge Allison Burroughs; and even the press, for respecting their privacy during the trial.

The trial concluded on Monday after some seven weeks of testimony. Jury deliberation resumes Tuesday.