A new Massachusetts law mandates that employers provide a designated space for nursing mothers. This means not having to turn a bathroom stall into a pumping station, or working in fear that someone could walk in on you while you turn your office into a temporary lactating room. We opened up the lines to ask you — what does having a designated space to pump milk mean to you? For women who worked in the times before this law, how did you make do? Co-workers, are you relieved to have these designated spaces for your colleagues?

The Boston Athletic Association says that transgender runners can compete as the gender with which they identify. Trenni Kusniereck, reporter and anchor for NBC Sports Boston, joined us to discuss this and other sports headlines.

Filmmaker Michael Kirk joined us to discuss the new FRONTLINE documentary, “Trump’s Takeover.”

Then, "vitamania": how older adults are having a hard time quitting their daily supplements. Medical Ethicist Art Caplan joined us to talk about that and more.

Food critic Corby Kummer joined us for his take on the food glitter — the latest garnish trend to hit just about every dish. But all that glitters may not be gold — especially if it's gravy, grilled cheese and granola. 

We discussed the latest political headlines with CNN’s national correspondent and Inside Politics anchor, John King.

Then, historian Nancy Koehn joined us to talk about how brick-and-mortar stores are struggling to get the shopping experience just right. Who will survive the ongoing retail apocalypse, and why?

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