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Oysterman Chris Ludford opens one of his oysters after harvesting on some of his leased oyster beds in Virginia Beach, Va.
Steve Helber/AP
  • Chuck Todd of Meet The Press talked about the indictments coming out of Robert Mueller's Russia probe.
  • We opened up the lines to you about a poll saying Americans are more stressed out about the state of the country than they are about money or work.
  • Novelist Jennifer Eagan joined us to talk about her latest novel, "Manhattan Beach."
  • Former Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral explained the implications for a new criminal justice reform bill in the Bay State.
  • Rep. Mike Capuano gave us a look behind the curtain to get a sense of meaningful legislation flying below the radar.
  • We took your calls about the Republican plan to overhaul the tax code.
  • Oystermen Rowan Jacobsen and John Brawley talked about the best way to eat an oyster, and whether the rumors are true about oysters and libido. John Brawley is an oyster farmer and owner of Sweet Sound Oysters in Duxbury. Rowan Jacobsen is a writer, Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT and his latest book, is The Essential Oyster.


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