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Pop Culture: Pepsi's Tone-Deaf Ad, The Success Of "Get Out" And More

Movie poster for "Ghost in the Shell"; a still from Kendall Jenner's Pepsi ad; a still from the movie "Get Out";Jeremy Meeks, the "hot felon," and Mama June.
Photos courtesy of YouTube, Wikipedia

What's with Hollywood's continuous whitewashing of Asian characters in film? How will Pepsi come back from its controversial -- and, eventually, pulled -- ad featuring Kendall Jenner and a nondescript protest? Plus, a discussion on the success of Jordan Peele's "Get Out," Michelle Obama's natural hair, Mama June and Jeremy Meeks, also known as "The Hot Felon" -- it's pop culture roundtable!


- Michael Jeffries, associate professor of American studies at Wellesley College. Follow Michael on Twitter.

- Rachel Rubin, professor of American studies at University of Massachusetts Boston.

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