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FULL SHOW: Sessions Controversy, Budget Proposal, Cold Chicken

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday afternoon announced he would recuse himself from investigations involving alleged connections between Russian officials and President Donald Trump's campaign.On Wednesday night, the Washington Post reported Sessions, who served as an adviser to Trump during the 2016 race, met with the Russian Ambassador - a detail he did not disclose when asked about contacts with the Russian government during his confirmation hearing. Former U.S. attorney and Trump supporter Frank McNamara (@FrankLMcNamara4) and Ron Sullivan (@ProfRonSullivan), a law professor at Harvard who advised the Obama transition team on matters related to the Department of Justice, joined Jim Braude (@jimbraude) for analysis of the unfolding story.

President Donald Trump is looking to boost military spending in his first budget - an increase that would push defense funding to around $603 billion. With Trump's promise to leave the country's safety net programs  -like social security and Medicare - alone, the funding increase means cuts to other areas of the budget to avoid going over the current spending cap set by Congress. Jim delves into the impact of Trump's spending plans with Linda Bilmes, a Harvard Kennedy School professor and one of the country's leading experts on the federal budget, and retired Brigadier General Kevin Ryan.

WGBH News' Cristina Quinn (@cristinaquinn) and a special guest joined Jim for a story about how a group of women decided to keep chickens warm during the winter months.

Jim demonstrates a new way to help you avoid those pesky co-workers who just won't leave you alone.

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