The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission is holding a week of meetings, and yesterday it approved several measures, including mixed-use licenses for marijuana at places such as yoga studios and cafes.

Chair Steve Hoffman tells WGBH News that because this is all new to Massachusetts, the process is unfolding organically, and the meetings have been productive. 

“We’re using our judgment," he said. "There’s no rule book here in terms of how to make these decisions, but between what we’ve heard from our public listening sessions and what we’ve heard from our advisory board and our own best judgement, we feel like we’re finding that balance between ... the will of the voters and ensuring public health and public safety.”

Under the commission’s recently drafted plan, yoga studios and masseuses could work with cannabis-infused lotions and oils, and restaurants and movie theaters could start serving edibles.

The commission also approved delivery services for dispensaries but has yet to decide on whether to ban smoking weed inside mixed-use businesses.

Hoffman says regulating a new and progressive industry makes him feel "a little bit like a pioneer."

“But we’re helped by the fact that other states have gone down this path ahead of us and we’ve learned from there experience both positively and negatively,” he added.

Hoffman says they're preparing to submit a plan to the secretary of state by the end of the month, and after more public comment, they'll enact final rules by March 15. 

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