This Monday will mark two months since Hurricane Maria barreled through the Caribbean, devastating Puerto Rico. Many areas of the island continue to experience a lingering impact, which means many communities remain without power and residents are living in the dark.

Even before Maria slammed into the island on Sept. 20, Puerto Rico was hit with a glancing blow by Hurricane Irma. Puerto Rico continues to face an  ongoing fiscal crisis as a result of $123 billion in debt and pension liabilities.

Massachusetts Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez of Jamaica Plain has family members living in Puerto Rico and strong ties to the island. He says his Aunt, who lives on the island, is washing her clothes in a river and getting water from a spring.

Sanchez was instrumental in orchestrating bringing aid to many communities on the island.  He says in the wake of the tragedy, "there [are] over 1,100 families that have come here to the Commonwealth so far, and that's only in here in Boston. There's over 800 children that have come to Massachusetts into the schools."

There are folks that are hurting, he says, showing up at the airport and the welcome centers. But he adds, "the people on the island are very resilient."

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