Massachusetts Congressman Bill Keating (D-MA 9th District) says he is prepared to introduce legislation to repeal a 2016 opioid distribution law that came to light earlier this week following a joint investigation by The Washington Post and "60 Minutes."

The probe uncovered a 2016 law that was sponsored by Pennsylvania Congressman Tom Marino (R-PA 10th District) — who has ties to the pharmaceutical industry — that makes it harder for the Drug Enforcement Agency to crack down on unsafe practices in the pharmaceutical industry.

Keating says he thinks he has the backing in Congress to repeal the law.

“Our legislation will totally rescind the law that was passed and will go a step further. It will allow law enforcement to go back retroactively and deal with an ongoing investigation that might have commenced when this law took effect,” he said, adding, “this law will not give people a free pass.”

Keating is a member of both the congressional addiction, treatment, and recovery caucus and the bipartisan heroin task force.

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