Anxious family members greeted loved ones last night at Logan Airport as they arrived on the first flight from Puerto Rico since hurricane Maria struck the island last week.

The passengers flew into Boston on a JetBlue flight, and upon arrival they embraced family members and retold stories of the devastation caused by the storm.

One man described the experience when Maria made landfall: 

"As it came across the ocean it was like a hollering. Like a woman giving birth. It was hitting the window so hard all the windows popped out of the frame." The man continued, describing "lines for water, for ice, for bread, and everywhere you go."  

Many from the flight said the situation is dire.

Some Boston residents with relatives in Puerto Rico are still having a hard time reaching them. State Representative Jeffrey Sanchez, of the 15th Suffolk District, is among them. He has family members on the island and told WGBH he has heard that conditions are poor and people are desperate.

"Communication systems are still down," said Sanchez. "There's some communication in the San Juan area, but the infrastructure is virtually non-existant. The hospitals on the island are flooded and have no lights either and are running on generators. People are starting to get anxious standing in line for food."

Nonprofit groups in Boston are coordinating donations. The Rhode Island National Guard is sending hurricane relief missions to both Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The U.S. Pentagon is sending 5,000 troops to the island amid concern about a developing humanitarian crisis. President Trump is planning a visit to Puerto Rico for next week.