Here we are in 2017, the year of our Morrissey and Morrissey is being particularly Morrissey. Back in March the human prickly pear with a voice that just does not age released a T-shirt featuring James Baldwin and The Smiths lyrics "I wear black on the outside / 'Cause black is how I feel on the inside." He spoke out on the Manchester attack with damning thoughts on British Prime Minister Theresa May, and just joined the troll kingdom Twitter. Everything's coming up Morrissey!

The Moz has a new album out in November recorded with Joe Chiccarelli. But if 2014's World Peace Is None Of Your Business had Morrissey bearing his political teeth with biting turns of wit, then the first single from Low In High School suggests giving up... by spending the day in bed.

"Spent The Day In Bed" is an electric piano boogie whirred to life by strings, the recognizably Smiths-y guitar tone and... DJ scratching? Presumably a funky jaunt in the name self-care ("Be good to yourself for once!"), Moz can't help but point the blame for the world's ills on someone or something, so as a bigmouth who likes to generate news, "I recommend that you stop watching the news / Because the news contrives to frighten you / To make you feel small and alone / To make you feel that your mind isn't your own."

But Low In High School also features provocative song titles like "The Girl From Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn't Kneel," "Who Will Protect Us From The Police?" and "Israel," so prepare yourself; the Moz Hot Takes will be many.

Morrissey has announced a U.S. tour, but only California dates for now. Low In High School comes out Nov. 17 via Etienne/BMG. Track list below:

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