There's a point when Maja Milner does the thing you wait for in nearly every Makthaverskan song — an octave jump from the void, absolutely reckless and ramshackle in its execution, like Nightcrawler teleporting to an unknown realm and hoping for the best. But to stick the landing in the midst of an emotionally wrought vocal performance, Milner needs Makthaverskan.

The band from Gothenburg, Sweden announced III today; ten more tracks that swirl dream-pop and post-punk in a desperate, gossamer rage. "In My Dreams" is the first single from the new album, a compact three minutes that nevertheless spirals outward. The bass takes on a far more prominent melodic role, brunt up against bustling guitar work that flits in and out of Milner's vocal melody.

Makthaverskan is back as a four-piece — guitarist Gustav Data Andersson went solo — but, even as chorus pedal effects billow throughout the track, there is a newfound precision to get Milner from the pit of lovesick angst to that jump as she wails, "When I see you cry."

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