Last week, North Korea tested another intercontinental ballistic missile — one that experts say could put U.S. cities like Los Angeles and Chicago within reach.

Addressing the matter this morning, President Donald Trump told reporters: "We will handle North Korea. We are going to be able to handle them. It will be handled. We handle everything." He did not, however, provide any further details.

Trump has also publicly called on China to intervene, tweeting after last Friday's missile launch that he was "disappointed" and that "China could easily solve this problem." But Charles Sennott, executive director of The GroundTruth Project, says China does not appear to be following the president's lead.

"If anything, China is deepening its trade with North Korea. They're ignoring President Trump and his claims that China needs to do more to contain North Korea," Sennott said.

"North Korea continues to be this vexing situation as it always has been. It's not changing," he said.

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