Millennials may get a bad rap as lazy, social-media-obsessed, Peter-Pan-syndrome narcissists, but as the generation grows up and establishes itself in the fabric of the American economy, and labor and housing market, it's time to stop admonishing Millennials and look to these young adults as the future of our nation. This is especially true of Boston, where 35 percent of the population is considered part of the Millennial generation. We speak to three community leaders about a recent Boston Foundation study about Millennials and how they're working to get their peers more involved in changing and developing Boston and the Bay State.


  • Justin Kang, founder of City Awake, a social enterprise organization that works with the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.
  • Debora Silva, a financial underwriter for Blue Cross Blue Shield and a member of City Awake.
  • Pichon Duplan, the co-founder ofFast Forward, a for-benefit organization focused on helping students maximize their time and investment in college. Fast Forward is a partner of City Awake.

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