Ever since SNL’s Michael Che called Boston the most racist city in America, the curtain on the state of racism in Boston has continued to be pulled back. Incidents at Fenway and around the city have further made people realize that Boston is not quite the liberal bastion some people believe it to be.

Suffolk University and the Boston Globereleased a poll of 500 Boston residents on Sunday, that asked if they thought Boston was a racist city. The answer was split, with 42 percent of those polled saying the city was racist and 44 percent saying it wasn’t. This divide mainly fell on the color line as well.

Reverends Irene Monroe and Emmett Price joined Boston Public Radio to discuss the results of the poll and racism in Boston.

Monroe called the poll alarming and believes that the city is actually worse off than the poll indicates.

“At worst, this is just bad reporting,” she said. Monroe referred to the lack of black people and black professionals as examples of the city's issues and called the results “not accurate.”

Price looked at the issue with race in Boston as an institutional issue that stems from how people are brought up and indoctrinated into a race-obsessed belief system.

“The way that we teach people is based on race,” he said, pointing to how the idea of race is instantiated in the American education system.

“Inherently, the American air we breathe is racist,” Price added.