This week's show combines two segments from our fall tour that we haven't had a chance to share yet, because we've been so busy dealing with new things from week to week. First, from our Seattle show with Audie Cornish, we talk about when you hang in with culture until the very end and when you quit — or, as you might say, throw a book across the room. (Glen has strong feelings about this.) Shonda Rhimes, how to watch Law & Order, and lots more will go by the window as you travel through this segment.

Our second segment is from our San Francisco show, which we did with the super-fun Mallory Ortberg. Mallory gives advice as Dear Prudence over at Slate, and she gives pop-culture advice in this segment with us. "Don't date somebody who thinks that your preference in TV or movies is the same thing as a character trait," and other great Mallory advice, is on offer.

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