He's best known as an acronym. His life and death have been the subject of dozens of movies, documentaries and conspiracy theories. Songs have been written about him. His likeness was silkscreened by Andy Warhol. He's often referenced in television shows, including hits like Seinfeld and The Simpsons.

John F. Kennedy was president for less than three years, but he imbued the presidency with a sense of grace, humor and style that found a natural symbiosis with the burgeoning television age. With the help of his wife, Jackie, JFK made the White House glamorous. Though his short time in office was marked with a number of failures, the Kennedy we remember today is less Bay of Pigs and more Cuban Missile Crisis.

May 29 marks the centennial of JFK's birth. WGBH News takes a look back at the making of the first television president and how he still influences our pop culture today.